Utility Sinks – What Are Utility Sinks

Utility sinks are specialized sinks that are designed to handle large cleaning jobs in the laundry room, garage, mudroom or utility room. Sinks are normally used for washing our hands or utensils. Bathroom sinks are also known as lavatories and usually offer a wider variety than kitchen sinks do. Sinks are generally available in different colors, styles, designs, patterns, depths, heights, widths and materials. Utility sinks can be used for more than just cleaning hands or utensils. They tend to be larger and hence you can use them to wash and clean a wide variety of things ranging from shoes to your dog. But because they are huge does not mean that they would not be good in appearance.

Utility sinks can basically be classified as indoor utility sinks and outdoor utility sinks. Indoor utility sinks are generally made of materials that would look as good as any other sink and outdoor utility sinks would be made from durable materials. However outdoor utility sinks are also available similar to indoor utility sinks. The common materials used for utility sinks are fireclay, cast iron, stainless steel and other composite materials. Many would think that utility sinks need to look utilitarian. But that is not true. Utility sinks are available in many styles in the market that would be able to blend into any style – be it Farmhouse, Contemporary, Old World or Period architectural styles.

Utility sinks are generally wider, deeper and therefore larger than standard sinks and are available as floor mount, wall mount or drop in. They would be able to help you to clean almost any things that can fit into the sink. Outdoor utility sinks can also be a great addition to the exterior of your house and can be very useful if you do a lot of gardening or barbequing. Some garden utility sinks come with a feature that allows you to attach a hose to your spigot and that helps you while gardening. Utility sinks used in the laundry rooms can help you to soak clothes to help you wash those stubborn stains. The advantage of utility sinks is that they can virtually be used in any room and can do much more than an ordinary sink.

Utility sinks can be found with options of having a single, two or even three spigots. Some utility sinks can be much larger and can house two sinks into one. Such utility sinks can be ideal for places where you expect heavy traffic of people to use the sink like schools or common get-together areas. Utility sinks are also available as floor sinks and are ideal to wash your dog, clean your muddy shoes or even scrub the vegetables from the garden. Utility sinks are so versatile that you would find that there are lots more things that you can clean in them than you would have imagined. Some utility sinks also have the option of having spigots and drinking fountain in them and they would be great for schools.

Sinks had been used for just washing our hands, face, brushing out teeth, shaving, washing utensils and other normal activities. But utility sinks have changed the way people use sinks and it has become something that can be used to wash almost anything that can fit into them. With such advantages it is not surprising that utility sinks are getting popular so rapidly.

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